Ten Reasons to Consider a Website Redesign for your New Orleans Small Business

Redesign your website to
  • have a mobile and tablet friendly site
  • update the content to be more relevant
  • create an easier site for customers to navigate
  • attract more site visitors
  • be able to update it yourself with a CMS

Is it time to add a fresh face and new features to your existing website?

Here are some reasons why it might be time to consider taking the step:

  • Your site isn’t mobile or tablet friendly

    Having a website that doesn’t resize / isn’t responsive for mobile phones and tablets not only can lead to a very poor and unprofessional experience for your prospective customers, but will be penalized with lower search engine results by Google.  Find out if your web page is mobile-friendly.

  • Update the content and make it more relevant

    Having relevant content is one of the most important things about having a web presence. It requires providing content that is interesting, easy to digest and useful to your site visitors.

  • Create an easier, more instinctive site that allows visitors to find what they are looking for

    A website should be easy to use and easy to navigate. If a user can’t find what they’re looking for, the website isn’t doing it’s job.

  • An excellent marketing and PR opportunity

    Redesigning a website is an excellent opportunity to contact your existing customers, users, fans and the press. It provides an excuse to contact them and let them know of the updated site and new content and signifies that the website is being kept up-to-date.

  • Attract more site visitors

    Just because a website is there doesn’t mean people will be able to find or use it. If people haven’t heard of your organization and aren’t able to find your website, they can’t be expected to visit it. Building search engine ‘findability’ into a new site using best search engine optimization (SEO) standards is much more effective than trying to increase your findability by retrofitting an existing site.

  • You want the ability to update content yourself

    Many older websites were built so that they can only be updated by the person who designed them. If your site’s content is out-of-date, it’s worth considering having your site redesigned with a Content Management Systems to make it possible for your organization to update content independently. Fresh website content is a particularly important aspect in motivating people to revisit your site and can help provide you with an advantage over your competitors with the boost it gives your site in the form of Search Engine Optimization.

  • Updating a site to show where your organization is going, not where it’s been.

    Redesigning your website doesn’t just provide you with the opportunity to align it with your present message, it also gives you the chance to think about where your organization is heading and to plan for the future.

  • The current website design doesn’t reflect your brand

    Your website is a reflection of your organization. If it looks professional and has helpful content that’s representative of your organization and it’s goals, then that will greatly influence how they see your organization.

  • Stay ahead of the competition

    How does your website compare to your competitors? Since most website visitors are short on time and make quick decisions, your organization’s website needs to stick out from the crowd.

  • Website Design Styles Age

    Features on sites that provide form over function, such as Flash intro pages, pop-ups, audio / music that starts playing automatically, and other past trends are dated, impractical and can dissuade potential customers or visitors from digging further into your website.

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