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At Sideways Designs, our team of dedicated and passionate website developers and designers are helping companies and brands develop and maintain their WordPress websites with premier support services. Whether you are facing functionality issues or looking to enhance your website performance, trust Sideways Design to maintain your site!

With WordPress powering over 35% of sites on the web, this powerful and robust platform leads the way for website customization and functionality. Now there’s a team who can help you unlock the power within WordPress to grow and scale your business.

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Does your website seem a bit “sluggish” or acting a bit “wonky”? Is your site buried under WordPress plugins that need updating? Not sure where to get started with enhancing your site? Sideways Designs is here to help.

Sideways is a top website support and maintenance services company that is helping organizations across the Gulf Coast improve performance and security. Whether you’re looking for monthly support or an hourly website maintenance plan, the team at Sideways Designs can provide the experience and expertise your website demands.

After a website is built and launched, it must be regularly maintained to ensure it stays secure and up-to-date with the latest support. Ignore your website support for too long, and issues can crop up – hindering your functionality and site reputation. A company website that’s not maintained can reduce your reputation and negatively impact your brand marketing efforts. Don’t fall victim to a lack of support – let Sideways Designs step in and handle it all.

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When it comes to your website, your system is only as strong as the foundation it is built upon. WordPress – like other Content Management Systems – requires regular updating to ensure that the WordPress core installation and its unique plugins are working and secure.

In a world that can change at a moment’s notice, you must prepare for the unexpected. Keeping your site backed up can help you avoid loss of data and content. While protecting your site’s past, defend its future against security breaches and downtime with the latest security measures.


WordPress regularly publishes updates to its core installation. If your site isn’t staying up to date with the latest core releases, your data and content may be at risk of loss or breaches. From bug fixes, feature upgrades, and security advances, keeping your site updated with the latest releases will keep your website operating at its best.

When it comes to updates, never make changes to your live site. This can cause unexpected data loss or malfunctions to your core operations. Let the trained and experienced web maintenance team at Sideways Designs update your site with mirror sites that allow for updates to be made and tested before going live!

The Website Support Services You Need:


As WordPress advances and evolves with new technology and innovations, keep your site updated with the latest releases. Our ongoing website care plans will keep your website software and plugins fully updated with the latest WordPress versions to keep them working and functioning as they should.

Full Site Backups

Here’s the reality – you never know when your website may fall victim to infection, glitches, or malware. These can strike unexpectedly and leave your website broken, empty, or simply gone. Our team will make daily backups of your site – both offline & online – to allow for automatic restoration to a previous version with minimum downtime.


More than 50,000 websites get hacked each day and 43% of cybercrimes are against small businesses. 90% of all websites that are hacked are WordPress. We’ve invested in the proper firewalls and other security precautions to make sure your website is secure. And we have a protocol in place if malware threatens your site.

Daily Site Monitoring

Our team will monitor any website speed issues, 404 errors, broken links, and site uptime/downtime – and address them immediately with the latest updates.

Personal Support

Nobody loves to deal with bots or automatic replies. That’s why we have live phone support hours Monday through Friday, 9AM-6PM PST. You can also email us at any time. No matter your need or method of preferred contact, a member of our team is ready to help!

WordPress Specialist

We’ve spent our careers becoming WordPress experts. We know and love the platform, and are passionate about helping our clients get everything out of it they can (which is, frankly, quite a lot!) This is one of the reasons we only work on the WordPress platform – we want to be the best WordPress developers in the New Orleans area.

Fast & Dependable Support

Sideways Designs is the top New Orleans WordPress company near you, so treat us as your virtual in-house webmasters! We are always close at hand to keep your website current with your ever-evolving business or organizational needs.

Ongoing Performance Checks

Every month we will run site performance checks to ensure that your website is operating as it should. With monthly diagnostics, we can check and address any issues that arise. Should your site need a full-scale update, we will pull backups and use staging sites to make updates.



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