Why Hire A New Orleans SEO Company?

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Whatever your business is, your passion is to help reach customers and clients across New Orleans. While you could go door to door and try to meet everyone in our great city, why not let a team of experienced digital marketers share your brand with expert marketing?

As a premier New Orleans SEO company, Sideways has helped businesses large and small reach high-value targets in the NOLA region and beyond. Our clients proudly boast of their exciting SEO growth in every part of their digital marketing strategy.


That's how much we increased organic search clicks for a recent client after 14 months of a SEO campaign!


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The SEO Solutions Your New Orleans Business Needs

At Sideways, we help clients reach and exceed their business goals with high-powered digital marketing strategies.


Powerful Keyword Research & Implementation

If you want to reach the right customers or clients, you need to use the right words. Keywords, that is! When it comes to launching successful SEO campaigns across your brand’s platforms, using the most results-driven keywords is key. At Sideways, our team of experienced SEO strategists will learn more about your company and products, and complete the necessary research to find the best possible keywords that reach your high-potential clients.

Full Site Optimization

Ever wonder why some New Orleans businesses seem to get all the Google search results? The key is a highly-optimized website SEO. If you are serious about reaching NOLA customers with your website, you need a website that is designed to utilize the latest SEO algorithmic strategies. The Sideways SEO specialists will work closely with you to build a powerful SEO campaign that ensures that your website is optimized to boost your local traffic and convert with quality content. From start to finish, our team will supercharge your site with the latest SEO tactics.

Local New Orleans SEO Services

You don’t just want to get noticed online, you want to be seen by your most likely customers. That means you need to reach New Orleans consumers online! Our team can help you create an SEO plan that is built around New Orleans-specific strategies, With hyperlocal keywords and local business backlinking, we will make sure your business beats the competition in town.

Advanced SEO Solutions

Deep within most online search systems are ever-evolving algorithms that determine if your company gets noticed online. If your site is performing poorly or not optimized to meet the latest standards, you may be missing out on high-value customers and traffic. Trust our team to help you remedy any technical SEO issues your site is facing with a full SEO audit – complete with page performance, content analysis, and backend SEO optimization.

Engaging Content Creation

We are proud to have some very experienced content creators and writers who are ready to bring your brand to life with written content. Not only will you engage customers with valuable insights and company information, but our content writers align closely with our digital marketing strategy to ensure that the content is targeted to reach your audience. With links, PPC ads, and keyword research, you can trust that Sideways will build content that draws in New Orleans consumers.

Optimized Link Building

SEO thrives on powerful links. Trust the team at Sideways to develop a link building solution that is tailored to your website, social platforms, and branding. With our extensive experience in SEO optimization, we can help ensure that your content is linked to meet SEO ethics standards as well as to perform well with the latest online SEO algorithms. Our goal is to see your company and brand rank as high as possible while drawing high-value traffic.

SEO For eCommerce

Not only should your SEO build brand awareness and site traffic, but it should boost your revenue and sales. If you aren’t taking advantage of eCommerce, then you are missing out on one of the best ways to bring your services and products directly to New Orleans customers. At Sideways, our eCommerce SEO and marketing team will help you find new ways to reach potential customers or clients online through powerful eCommerce SEO optimization across your platforms.

Franchise SEO

SEO is so much more than just getting your brand’s name and website listed on a Google search engine results page (SERP). You want those New Orleans customers to find and visit your site with the goal of converting into buyers! At Sideways, our team will help design a franchise SEO solution that will help maximize your effectiveness across all of your channels and customer lifecycles. Even if you have multiple locations, our team will build a franchise-level strategy that exceeds your expectations.

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What Is SEO & Why Do I Need It?

The secret sauce to digital marketing is powerful search engine optimization or SEO. By optimizing your brand’s website and digital content, you can be found by online search engines much faster – and help anyone find your company when searching on many of today’s most popular search engines.

The more you invest in your SEO strategy, the higher your brand’s website and social presence will climb up the search engine results ladder.

However, simply being visible on search engine results may not guarantee that quality customers are seeing your brand. If you truly want to take advantage of SEO’s potential to drive your sales and online traffic, you must optimize your Local SEO with an experienced SEO agency!

Why Partner With A Local SEO Agency?

Rather than focusing on simply being seen by anyone on the web, local SEO helps brands reach those most likely to become new customers or clients because they live and work in the area a business is located. To get your local SEO right, you need a local team who has experience building successful SEO campaigns!

Imagine you are a local clothing store in New Orleans. While you would be more than happy to have visitors to your website , someone who lives in and around NOLA is far more likely to be persuaded to make a purchase in your store or online than someone who lives in Boston or New York.

With the right local SEO keywords and backlinking, you can ensure that local customers find your business first – wherever they shop online!

What Can Local SEO Offer My Business?

If you want to see your local effectiveness skyrocket,, then it’s time to take advantage of the power that local SEO can bring to your brand and business. (In fact, there’s a chance that you have built a local SEO strategy and not even realized it!)

Optimized local SEO can help you supercharge your reach to customers in New Orleans more than any other method. With over 60% of local customers using smartphone search engines to find companies near them, making sure you show up fast in results is vital.

Sideways will use the latest tools to help your company reach New Orleans customers. Tools such as the Google My Business 3-Pack, advanced keyword research, link building, and local review directory optimization are key to helping you be seen online.


Sideways is ready to help you boost your brand’s effectiveness in New Orleans with proven methods and tactics.  Let our team help you develop a powerful SEO solution that is tailored to your brand and goals. Learn more with a complimentary 1-1 with a member of the Sideways team!

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More about SEO

Seo Strategy: google, meta, links, web, bing, url, authority, description, yahoo, ranking, tags, titlle

At Sideways Designs we know that having a great-looking website is only half the battle in achieving a successful website. What good is a beautiful design if no one can FIND the website? Effective online marketing can help your organization’s message reach your target audience and bring visitors to your website. There are hundreds of millions of websites on the web today, and our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing services will help yours stand out.

There are two key components to a successful SEO campaign. The first is on-site marketing which consists of editing content, metatags, keyword integration and updating your website regularly with relevant and interesting content (by means of news, blogs, etc.). The second is off-site marketing which includes publishing relevant content on the Internet by means of backlink building, blogs, article submissions, press release distribution and social networking.

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each of our SEO services clients bring a different and distinct set of SEO challenges which require a personalized strategy to obtain the results necessary to improve website visibility and visitors from the SEO campaign. Based in New Orleans, LA, Sideways Designs will help raise your visitors and sales through the two distinct phases of our SEO campaign – on-site SEO and off-site link building.

SEO phase 1 – On-site Search Engine Optimization SEO Services:

In phase 1 we analyze your website and recommend SEO adjustments to optimize your website in order to more effectively target the prospective site visitors that you are focusing on for your organization and throughout your website. The following list contains the standard elements that we will optimize during the on-site SEO phase. But bear in mind, because each website is 100% unique there might be other elements that are site-wide or on specific pages that we will need to modify as part of the SEO campaign.

In order to improve visibility and attract more visitors, we recommend that you optimize every page of your site . The first phase of our SEO method includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy – We will evaluate the history of your site, identify and analyze your online competitors and will perform an analysis of the tailor-made strategy we have created to optimize your website.
  • SEO Keyword Research – We will perform an in depth study of your industry and determine which keywords and keyword phrases will most benefit the optimization of your website.
  • SEO Keyword Selection – Based on the content of each page, we will select the most relevant keyword phrases accordingly for each specific page of your website.
  • SEO Content Suggestions – We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the content of your website and we will seamlessly integrate the chosen keywords within the existing content for each page of your website.
  • Meta Tag Copywriting – We will create customized meta tags for your site that will include the following for each page: Title Tag, Description Meta Tag, H1 Tags and Image Tags.
  • Further On-site SEO Modifications – If it is necessary we will create a new XML sitemap and will analyze re-write the URL structure of your site.

SEO phase 2 – Relevant Off-site SEO Link Building Services:

Phase 2 is just as important in the optimization of a website as phase 1. To ensure that the site is optimized for the long term, every website must build relevant incoming links to their website, otherwise known as backlinks, from many various sources to improve their visibility online. Our SEO link building procedure will assist in increasing visitors, improving your brand online and, over time, will aid in developing a degree of “search engine trust”.

After completing a review of your website’s inbound links and comparing them to your competitors, we will assemble a relevant, white hat SEO link building program including:

  • Search Engine Submission: Creation of organization listings in the top local search engine directories.
  • Directory Submission: Submission of your site to top quality relevant directories.
  • Online Press Releases & Publicity: Creation and online distribution of newsworthy press releases.
  • Social Networking: Creation of social networking profiles for your business.
  • Article Marketing: Creation and online distribution of relevant topic articles that relate to your business.
  • Blog Commenting: Submission of well-crafted comments on relevant blogs.
  • Video Marketing: If organization videos exist, submission of videos to top video portals.
  • Industry Websites & Associations: Identification and submission of links (where applicable) to relevant industry websites