Josh Pitts doing web design & SEO at his office in Bywater, New Orleans

We’ve been helping New Orleans businesses evolve and grow with web design & SEO services since 2009!

Sideways specializes in personalized solutions for non-profits, small businesses, brands & artists in the New Orleans area and abroad, our services include custom website design & development, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, marketing consultation, video and photography.

From design & layout to branding & identity to advertising & marketing, Sideways Designs brings a unique and creative perspective to your projects. For examples, please refer to our portfolio page.

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, we work personally with each of our clients to fulfill their website needs.

Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Our team consists of a number of amazing freelance designers, coders, SEO experts, photographers, videographers, and copywriters to make our clients web presences thrive.

Josh Pitts

Josh Pitts
Design, Development, & SEO

Josh Hailey Headshot - Photography

Josh Hailey

Sean O'Grady - Video & Drone

Sean O’Grady
Video & Drone

Josh Pitts at the whiteboard

About Josh Pitts

Josh Pitts is a passionate creator, artist, web designer & developer, SEO expert and WordPress enthusiast.

He received a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Mary Washington, and created Sideways Designs in New Orleans in 2009.

Josh acts as Project Manager – you’ll be working directly with him on your projects in person, over the phone, and by email.

When he’s not designing and developing websites with Sideways, Josh is exploring New Orleans’ music food and art, adventuring in the outdoors, making / creating art, and preparing for the next Carnival season.

Josh is the co-founder & captain of Interrobang ‽ Parading Krewe, a parading krewe and collaborative creative arts group who focuses on majestic and innovative parading experiences and immersive events.  Their creations include a giant white whale storm cloud named Gilliam, a galactopus named Maurice, a swamp monster named George, a coral reef park, and a puppet-based animal dance party around a glimmering disco tree.

Josh also makes light-based sculptural art.  He’s passionate about providing moments of surprise, joy, levity and whimsy for the New Orleans community.

Learn more about Josh at Find Josh on Instagram.

Josh Pitts’s Kettleflower Intro Video

Interrobang ‽ Parading Krewe Intro Video

Josh Hailey Headshot - Photography

About Josh Hailey

A 24/7 creative…
For Josh, art isn’t just his work; it’s his passion and purpose. He lives and breaths it every single day, and in everything he does.

A folk artist at heart…
Josh takes a raw and unfiltered approach to art that bypasses convention and freely expresses creativity with whatever tools, materials, and capabilities he has on hand.

A spirited storyteller…
Josh loves to tell stories of all the people and places that touch his life. But more than just documenting truths, he works to bring these stories to life with an energy and zeal that makes people take notice.

Sean O'Grady - Video & Drone

About Sean O’Grady

Raised in the deep greens of Oregon, Sean O’Grady is a world traveler and filmmaker, now based in New Orleans, Louisiana, collaborating on video projects around the globe.

Sean is dedicated to writing, directing, producing and collaborating on stories chock-full of color and flavor.

As an enthusiastic explorer, Sean intuitively finds a story wherever he goes.